By precisely grasping information on time and space"People," "Society," "the World"...

all environments will entera new dimension.

Concept Movie (Japanese)


"Before you know it"
the technology of spatio-temporal
information services
will be right beside you.

Everything today is connected to the Internet.
Automobiles and robots go on with their operations autonomously as always.
We are entering an era in which highly precise information on the position and time of all things and events connected to the Internet is required.
By integrating satellite-positioning technology and mobile technology, we offer new business operations and services related to spatial and temporal information.
We contribute to the world as the No.1 "Spatio-temporal information service innovator."

About Enabler

Our Philosophy

Doing all we can to create a
"vibrant future for everyone"

― Towards a safe and secure Smart Life ―

Our company is revolutionizing "spatio-temporal information services" for social infrastructures with our distinctive technologies such as "high-precision positioning technology for outdoor spaces," "high-precision time synchronization technology," and "indoor positional information technology."

Our services can be used for "controlling construction equipment at construction sites in increments of centimeters," "providing a source for the high-precision time synchronization of blockchain nodes," "navigating underground shopping areas," etc.Our technology will be used to create a vibrant future way of life for everyone.

iPNT indoor Position, Navigation, Timing


Creating a platform for space and time

We are working on the commercialization of new services and products through the development of precise positioning services, indoor positional information and tracking services, and ultra-precise time synchronization systems.

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